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Monday, 2 August 2010

Update .....

Hey Everyone, So Ive been Quite Busy since i last made a Blog.

Since my last Blog, I had my 21st Birthday, Visiting Friends & Family and i also have now Finished My course at my local College. Busy, Busy, Busy! lol.

I have been thinking recently of having Another Contest Once i Reach 700 + Subscribers.

If you have any Ideas for Prizes for the Contest Comment below and let me know what you guys would like for prizes ^_^

Speak Soon, Love you Guys! xxx

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Loreal Paris Perfect Clean Scrublet ....

Hey Everyone so i have been Using The new Scrublet facial wash, I absolutely love this product!
I have the Blue one which is for Normal/Combination skin.

The Actual scrublet is super soft on the skin and made from soft rubber. Does not scratch your skin.
The wash is Oil free, Pores look smaller, and the skin feels velvety smooth.

Tell me what you think to the Product?


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

New Makeup Looks I have Created....

Hey Everyone, So recently i have been Motivated to Create some more Looks, Here's the Pictures.
Tell me What you think.

If you like these Pictures, the Tutorials will be on Youtube, Check them out. xxx

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Outfit Of The Day x

Hey Everyone This is what i Decided to Wear today, The Black Jumper is From Littlewoods for £20,
The Necklace is £2 from primark, The 3/4 Jeggings are £10 from New Look and Finally the Cream/Coffee Bracelet is £3 from George/Asda. (The Black Pumps are my College Shoe's, £25 from LaBeeby)

I have Already Uploaded the Video To my Youtube Account, So if you havn't seen it, Check it out. :)

Here's The Picture ..........

Sunday, 9 May 2010

More Piccy's From SleepOver, Cinema etc xxx

Hey Ive now got some more Pictures from the Cinema & Starbucks etc that Alice has sent me.....

Me & Alice x

Me & My Brother Shaun x

All Three of Us x

Shaun & Alice x

I <3 This Picture! xxx ^_^

Lmao! Me & Woody! x

Alice & Woody x

Oi Oi Cheeky! Shaun & Woody ;)

All of Us Enjoying a Hot Chocolate with Cream! Yum! x

Us Making Fairy Cakes! x

Mixing x

Into the Oven x

Cuddle!! ^_^

I Had soo Much Fun! The film was really good, Face Masks was Hillarious but we ended up not Watching the End of Twilight because we was laughing so much trying to Paint our face's with the mask's ! Lol!

Love you Alice! x


SleepOver Time! ^_^ With Alicechan9 x

Hey Everyone Yesterday Me & My Brother Shaun, Met Up with Alice in my Hometown , and we all went Shopping for Perjamas, Face Masks,  well me & Alice went shopping while Shaun waited Patiently Outside the Changing Rooms, Bless Him! XD

We all then went to the Odeon in my Hometown To watch the New Realease of  ' The Back-Up Plan' Starring Jennifer Lopez! The Film was alot of Fun!
We then went to Star Bucks! We all had Classic Hot Chocolate with Cream! Yum! x

Here's a Piccy of Me, Shaun & Alice x

Later On the Same Night, After Shaun left we Decided to Apply The Chocolate Face Mask on Each Other, hehe, was Laughing soo Much and got our hair stuck in the masks lol.

We Also Made Fairy Cakes with Pink Icing and Love Heart Sweets ontop! x Here's How come they come out....
We had a Couple of Drinks too, Bacardi Breezer and Smirnoff Ice.

Our New Perjamas We Brought........

Friday, 30 April 2010

Makeup Swap with Michelle, aka Fruitietooty

Hey Everyone so ive never done a swap before so for my first one i wanted it to be with someone from the UK, I was speaking to Michelle about it and she hasn't done a swap either so we both decided to do one together. :)

Ive posted a video to my channel so check it out if you havn't seen it.

Here's just a few Pictures of the items she got me, :)
Bracelet from Accessorize x

XXX Slick Urban Decay Gloss

306 Pale Blue Barry M Nail Paint

Collection 2000 Poptastic Eye Pallette

This is Everything she got me except the bracelet, i was wearing it hehe xxx

Just a quick Thank you again to Michelle, I had soo much Fun & i hope you like yours 2, xxx

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Products i'm Loving Right Now......

Hey Everyone i Recently went shopping and i brought 2 of these items, One for me and one for a Swap im currently in the middle of doing.
The Colour really stood out to me and had to get Myself one too!

Rimmel London Volume Booster Lipstick in 117 Glam

What do you Think to the shade? I Love it <3

The Next Product im Loving Right Now is the Barry M Nail Paint in Bright Purple no:303

I Love this colour! It makes my nails stand out and
Jazz's up my Day! I would deffinetly reccomend this Polish and
You only need One coat to see the True colour. Thumbs up from me! x

Monday, 26 April 2010

Contest Time! Urban Decay & Hello Kitty x 26/4/10 to 26/5/10

Hey everyone! So im having a Contest to celebrate the fact i have over 300 subscribers!
Thank you all so much! :)
The Look to create id one of the Seven deadly sins:


Here are the First prize's for the Video Responces:

Hello Kitty Bracelet



Second Prize (Comment Entry)


Hello Kitty Pez candy dispencer

So if you are Very interested in entering the contest, here are the Rules:

*Must be a Subscriber to my Channel
*One comment entry per person
*Must have parents permission if under 16, (will need your address if you win)

Have Fun !!! ^_^

Meet up with Youtube Guru, Alicechan9 xxx

Hey Everyone! So recently i met up with Alicechan9 from youtube in my Hometown,
We went shopping, Then had a bite to eat and also watched a Movie called
'Remember me', It was such an emotional movie, But deffinetly worth it! Hehe.

Here's a few pictures from the Day........


Cinema Piccys x

Our Matching Bow Friendship Rings x

Alice is such a Sweet Girl, So caring and very Friendly.
I was really nervous before meeting, but soon become very easy
to talk to, Cant wait till our next meet up!
Luv you Alice!