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Monday, 26 April 2010

Contest Time! Urban Decay & Hello Kitty x 26/4/10 to 26/5/10

Hey everyone! So im having a Contest to celebrate the fact i have over 300 subscribers!
Thank you all so much! :)
The Look to create id one of the Seven deadly sins:


Here are the First prize's for the Video Responces:

Hello Kitty Bracelet



Second Prize (Comment Entry)


Hello Kitty Pez candy dispencer

So if you are Very interested in entering the contest, here are the Rules:

*Must be a Subscriber to my Channel
*One comment entry per person
*Must have parents permission if under 16, (will need your address if you win)

Have Fun !!! ^_^


  1. Ooo lovely give away! And Urban decay! I've never tried the brand but i think it looks amazing! Congratulations on 300 subbies! I will try to enter! I've got plenty of time to get inspiration hehe! ^_^

    Are you doing a comment giveaway as wel as a video response one? =) Because it says one comment entry per person and i was just wondering if that meant there is a comment one too n_n


  2. hehe, yer there is, all you have to do is write in the comment box, enter me (and then why you want to be entered), and for the first place prize must be a makeup inspired look from one of the seven deadly sins, then post as a video responce, I hope you enter, lots of love jess xxx