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Friday, 30 April 2010

Makeup Swap with Michelle, aka Fruitietooty

Hey Everyone so ive never done a swap before so for my first one i wanted it to be with someone from the UK, I was speaking to Michelle about it and she hasn't done a swap either so we both decided to do one together. :)

Ive posted a video to my channel so check it out if you havn't seen it.

Here's just a few Pictures of the items she got me, :)
Bracelet from Accessorize x

XXX Slick Urban Decay Gloss

306 Pale Blue Barry M Nail Paint

Collection 2000 Poptastic Eye Pallette

This is Everything she got me except the bracelet, i was wearing it hehe xxx

Just a quick Thank you again to Michelle, I had soo much Fun & i hope you like yours 2, xxx

1 comment:

  1. hahaha i love it, all looks sooooo pretty, can't wait to see mine?? the address i gave you was my mum's house as no 1's ever in mine so i will prob's go see her monday. finger's crossed it would have arrived by then so that i can open it all up and do a video sharing the prettiness!! This has made me literally LOVE swap's think i may make a video like you did asking if any 1 want's to do another 1. . . i've really had so much fun, it was like buying presents for a birthday, LOVED IT!!!
    Just glad you liked everything and didn't already have any of it!
    Loves xxx
    Oh yea, i almost forgot, those 6 lanmel or whatever they are called. . . i bought something the other day and was sent them as a gift but i have no use for them so thought you may like them, if not am sure you can give them away in a prize or simply just to any1 who wants them?

    Toodles xxx