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Sunday, 9 May 2010

SleepOver Time! ^_^ With Alicechan9 x

Hey Everyone Yesterday Me & My Brother Shaun, Met Up with Alice in my Hometown , and we all went Shopping for Perjamas, Face Masks,  well me & Alice went shopping while Shaun waited Patiently Outside the Changing Rooms, Bless Him! XD

We all then went to the Odeon in my Hometown To watch the New Realease of  ' The Back-Up Plan' Starring Jennifer Lopez! The Film was alot of Fun!
We then went to Star Bucks! We all had Classic Hot Chocolate with Cream! Yum! x

Here's a Piccy of Me, Shaun & Alice x

Later On the Same Night, After Shaun left we Decided to Apply The Chocolate Face Mask on Each Other, hehe, was Laughing soo Much and got our hair stuck in the masks lol.

We Also Made Fairy Cakes with Pink Icing and Love Heart Sweets ontop! x Here's How come they come out....
We had a Couple of Drinks too, Bacardi Breezer and Smirnoff Ice.

Our New Perjamas We Brought........

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