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Monday, 9 January 2012

How I clean my makeup brushes ~

Let's face it!
Professional makeup brushes are an investment. And, like any other investment, we want a great return on that investment.
One of best ways to ensure that will happen is proper brush care.
One of the best things you can do for your brushes is to clean them - regularly.

Clean them when they are first purchased and clean them on a regular basis to remove:

* Old Makeup
* Dirt & Debris
* Bacteria
* Oils
* Dead skin cells

One of the greatest benefits to keeping your brushes clean is softness!
Yes, did you realize that makeup buildup, especially foundation, makes your brushes feel scratchy?
If you have sensitive skin, cleaning your brushes regularly will help them stay soft and lush! Your skin will thank you!

How often should you clean your brushes? Ideally, everyday. But, who has time for that? So, here are a few guidelines:

* Foundation Brush - Everytime you use it.
* Powder Brush - Once a week.
* Blush brush - Everytime you use it.
* Eyeshadow brush - Every 2-3 days if you have a few or for every new colour.
* Eyeliner brush - Every time you use it.

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