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Monday, 21 May 2012

Elf Haul - Studio Line

Hey Everyone! So i received my Elf package today & Thought i would share with you my thoughts on the products I got......


Studio Eyeshadow - Pebble

I love this Shadow, the color is just gorgeous, Great to add subtle deffinition to the crease or for a wash of color over the lids. These Shadows are silky soft to the touch and glide on! Perfect!

Studio Eyeshadow - Amethyst

Who wouldnt love this shade? Purple is just beautiful on the lids, I love this color when im in a playful mood and love experimenting with different colors!

Studio Blush - Candid Coral

This is a lovely Coral/Peach blush with a slight golden undertone. Beautiful on the cheeks and for everyday looks.

Studio Blush - Mellow Mauve

This is a lovely Pink with a slight purplish undertone. the picture doesnt do this blush justice. I love this shade and goes with pretty much any look!

Studio Bronzer - Warm Bronzer

This is a lovely Bronzer! You can use the four shades individually or swirl your brush and use all the shades together for a goregous sun kissed look.

Studio Complete Coverage Concealer - Light

This Concealer palette is great quality! Creamy to the touch and gives great coverage. A must in any makeup kit.

Studio Cream Eyeshadow - Candlelight

I love this cream eyeshadow, I would use this as a base for my shadows or even as a highlighter!

Studio Cream Eyeshadow - Bronzed

This is a stunning shade! I love bronze/brown eyeshadow looks and this would go perfectly as a base!

Studio - Makeup Mist & Set Spray

This is great for a touch up over your makeup during the day or to set your makeup to last longer. This product contains Aloe, Green Tea, Cucumber and Vitamins A, C & E, Which is great for your skin! The only bad point to this product is the smell, but i just tend to hold my breath when using this.

Studio Stipple Brush

I love this brush! Super soft to the touch and dense too. I love this brush for Powder blush. A must have for all makeup artists for that flawless look!

So that was my Elf Studio Reveiw. If you would like to watch my Haul, Here is the link:



  1. I wanted to try the studio stipple brush for a long time, now definitely it will be in my next order.
    I followed your blog. You can check out mine at and follow if you want :)

  2. Great selection of products, I only have 2 studio brushes from e.l.f but the stipple brush is on my list!

    Please check out my new blog