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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

MUA Eyeshadow Collection & Swatches!

My MUA Eyeshadow Collection & Swatches!!

Hey Everyone! I was asked to show you my current MUA Eyeshadow collection, i have 14 in total.

I just love the Pigmentation and they last a very long time, not to even mention that the eyeshadows cost £1!!!!

Let's get on with the Swatches! :)

This is Shade 1. A beautiful Champagne/Gold color.

And this is Shade 1 Swatched.

This is Shade 2. A Beautiful Opaque White, Great as a highlight.

And this is Shade 2 Swatched.

This is Shade 3. A beautiful Metallic Silver.

And this is Shade 3 Swatched.

This is Shade 4. A beautiful Lilac Color.

And this is Shade 4 Swatched.

This is Shade 7. A Beautiful Moss Green Color.

And this is Shade 7 swatched.

This is Shade 8. A Beautiful Turquoise Blue Color.

And this is Shade 8 Swatched.

This is Shade 9. A Beautiful Duo toned Blue/Purple.

And this is Shade 9 Swatched.

This is Shade 12. A Beautiful Duo toned Brown/silver Color.

And this is Shade 12 Swatched.

This is Shade 15. A Beautiful Black Color.

And this is Shade 15 Swatched.

This is Shade 18. A Beautiful Violet Purple Matt Color.

And this is Shade 18 Swatched.

This is Shade 19. A Beautiful Chocolate Brown Matt Color.

And this is Shade 19 Swatched.

This is Shade 22. A Beautiful baby pink Color.

This is Shade 22 Swatched.

This is Sahde 24. A Beautiful Taupe Color.

And this is Shade 24 Swatched.

And Lastly this is Shade 30. A Beautiful Metallic Gold Color.

And this is Shade 30 Swatched.

I hope you enjoyed the swatches of these gorgeous eyeshadows!

Watch the video below!

The MUA makeup Website link:

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