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Monday, 29 October 2012

How to: Wash Diamond Collection Clip in Hair Extensions

So in this Tutorial i will show you how i wash my Clip In Hair Extensions.

Here's the Video >

Products used:

*Hair Extensions Shampoo -

* Hair Extensions Conditioner -

My Diamond Collection 24" Clip In hair Extensions Dark Chocolate Brown #4


Caring for Hair Extensions: Clip ins and Cleaning.

* As with combing, you'll only want to wash your clip-in extensions after removing them, although washing isn't necessary after each use.

* Most of the time, you won't need to cleanse your extensions as often as the rest of your hair.
A once a week washing should be sufficient to keep your faux hair looking and smelling good.

* You can use a standard, gentle shampoo and conditioner with warm water on the hair extensions.

* Don't rub at your extensions with a towel like you might when washing your own hair. Instead, lightly squeeze out the moisture.

* Do not Comb through the hair extensions when wet, wait until they have dried then comb using a wide toothed comb.

* If you need to use heat-styling tools, always use them on their lowest settings.

~~~~ General Tips and Advice ~~~~

Your clip-in extensions aren't meant for 24/7 wear. Don't sleep in them, work
out in them, or swim with them.

Store them in the bag they came in or wrap them
around curlers if you're worried about maintaining ringlets or waves.

Get the best look from your extensions by bringing them along to your next

Your stylist can trim them while they're attached to your head to blend
the extensions seamlessly with your existing hair.

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