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Tuesday, 31 May 2016 - Dress Review

Hello Everyone!

I was contacted by this company called StyleWe, They had asked me if I was interested in picking out a dress to review on my YouTube channel.

After checking out their website I instantly fell in love!
The concept behind the website is very unique. They have multiple Designers who have their own fashion lines each.

The Designer of my dress is called: Oushang
I chose this Beautiful White Organza Midi Dress because it looks very sophisticated and feminine.

The dress took about 3-4 Days to arrive to my home! That is very impressive to me!

The Dress came packaged in a StyleWe Ziplock bag with the Card Receipt inside.

The Dress is absolutely stunning! The stitching is very good and the quality of the material is amazing! I have had a great experience with this company!

Check out my - Dress Review Video Below!

The dress:

The website:

StyleWe INFO:

Thank you for Reading my Review & a huge Thank you to StyleWe!